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Help Us Spread the Word!

While Small Marvel continues to make marvelous things for kids, sometimes we need help spreding the word about our creations. Here is some cool information (and images) about each of our inventions that will help you talk about us.

Fun Facts:

  • ClockIts clip to any rubber bracelet, including LiveStrong, Namebands, or any other charity bracelet in the world.
  • Over 200 million rubber bracelets were sold in the last two years.
  • ClockIts are the newest “why didn’t I think of that” product. Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and think of it (we already did), but you can be the first to tell all of your friends about ClockIts.

Read the ClockIts Press Realase.

ClockIts logo

Fun Facts:

  • Namebands are the best selling silcone rubber name bracelet in the universe!
  • The top selling Namebands are Emily for girls and Michael for boys.
  • The most commonly requested name that we don't carry is Zoey.



Namebands logo

Fun Facts:

  • Fwingers is a completely made up word, but we tend to think it's a massage for the mouth. We came up with it by accident--it was a typo.
  • Sign language is the third most used language in the US.
  • Most kids are learning sign language in school right now as early as elementary school

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Fun Facts:

  • Fwingers Pens are smiling cause they're happy.
  • Fwingers Pens can bend into 320 different positions, though we're still finding more each day.




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